Matthew, Mark, Luke, and Zombies: Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Birth of John the Baptist foretold
  3. Jesus' conception (the annunciation)
  4. An angel visits Joseph
  5. Mary visits Elisabeth
  6. Birth of John the Baptist
  7. Birth of Jesus
  8. Visit from shepherds
  9. Visit from three wise men
  10. Visit from Simeon
  11. Herod orders all children to be killed
  12. Passover with Jesus, Joseph and Mary
  13. John the Baptist
  14. Baptism of Jesus
  15. The spread of infection
  16. Temptation by the devil
  17. Capernaum
  18. John's disciples converted
  19. James and John
  20. Water into oil
  21. Demons cast out of a man in the synagogue
  22. Sermon on the mount
  23. The law, prophets and commandments
  24. Turn the other cheek
  25. Hate your enemies
  26. Rules of practice and prayer
  27. The Lord's Prayer
  28. Rules of watchfulness
  29. Allegories of ravens and vines
  30. Judge not the risen
  31. Parable of the hungry son
  32. The strait gate
  33. Parable of a house built upon a rock
  34. Infected healed
  35. Centurion's servant healed
  36. Widow's son returned from the dead
  37. Curing and destroying in Capernaum
  38. Potential warriors tested
  39. Jesus preaches in Galilee
  40. A ship overrun
  41. Man with infection healed
  42. Why does Jesus eat with sinners?
  43. Parables of armor and wine
  44. Why do the warriors cut corn on the sabbath?
  45. Nicodemus and the commandment to be born again
  46. John the Baptist on why he is better than Jesus
  47. Nobleman's son healed
  48. Healing at Bethesda
  49. Man with an infected hand
  50. On the Sea of Galilee
  51. Selection of the twelve
  52. People accuse Jesus of using the power of Beelzebub
  53. The Sign of Samson
  54. Jesus redefines his family
  55. Parable of the seeds
  56. Why does Jesus speak in parables?
  57. Parable of the seeds explained
  58. Parable of the sword
  59. Parables of the tares of the field and leven
  60. Parable of the tares of the field explained
  61. Parables of treasure, blade, and net
  62. Lawyers cursed
  63. Another attack turned
  64. Risen slain in Gadara
  65. An infected woman healed
  66. Daughter of Jairus returned from the dead
  67. Two infected men healed
  68. Feast of tabernacles
  69. Jesus in Galilee
  70. The twelve given instructions and sent to fight
  71. Jesus' violent mission
  72. Parable of the king going to make war
  73. Parable of the fig tree
  74. Woman healed of an infection
  75. John the Baptist sends disciples with questions
  76. Condemnation of unbelief
  77. Comparison of Martha and Mary
  78. Death of John the Baptist
  79. Miracle of the swords and water
  80. Walk on water
  81. Why do Jesus and the warriors not wash before eating?
  82. A sword from heaven
  83. Syrophenician woman's daughter healed
  84. Deaf man accepted, among others
  85. The dangerous leaven
  86. Parable of the rich man's fruit
  87. Blind man from Bethsaida
  88. Who do people say Jesus is?
  89. First prophecy of the passion
  90. The value of life
  91. Jesus is transfigured
  92. Warriors fail to cure an insane boy
  93. Second prophecy of the passion
  94. Sermon while holding a child
  95. Parable of the lost sheep
  96. Parable of the prodigal son
  97. Peter's question about forgiveness
  98. Parable of the wicked servant
  99. Parable of the poor steward
  100. The rich man and the beggar Lazarus
  101. Parable of the fearless judge
  102. Parable of two men at prayer
  103. He that is without blemish...
  104. Is it lawful for a man to slay his wife?
  105. Training of children
  106. Question of preserving life
  107. Strength in poverty
  108. Parable of guards around a house
  109. Third prophecy of the passion
  110. James and John make a request (through their mother)
  111. Blind Bartimaeus trained
  112. Jews attempt to stone Jesus for blasphemy
  113. Lazarus returned from the dead
  114. Caiaphas prophesies that Jesus should die
  115. Zacchaeus in a tree
  116. Parable of the servants and swords
  117. Weekend at Lazarus'
  118. Entrance into Jerusalem
  119. Jesus curses a fig tree
  120. Certain Greeks
  121. Rampage in the temple
  122. Jesus teaches in the temple
  123. Jesus revisits the fig tree
  124. By whose authority does Jesus act?
  125. Parable of the cowardly man
  126. Parable of the place in battle
  127. Parable of castle defense
  128. The question of Caesar's army
  129. The question of resurrection
  130. Which is the first commandment?
  131. Parable of the good Samaritan
  132. Hypocrites!
  133. The poor widow's two stones
  134. Speech from the Mount of Olives
  135. Destruction of Jerusalem
  136. End of the apocylipse
  137. Parable of the fig tree
  138. Warning to be watchful
  139. Parable of the steward
  140. Parable of the ten virgins
  141. Plot to have Jesus slain
  142. Judas promises to betray Jesus
  143. Judas promises to betray Jesus
  144. The last supper
  145. Jesus announces that he is to be betrayed
  146. Allegory of the vine
  147. Jesus shall be not seen, and then seen again
  148. Ceremony of the bread and wine
  149. Jesus predicts that Peter will deny him
  150. Warriors warned again
  151. The prayers
  152. The betrayal
  153. Simon Peter strikes back
  154. Questioning of Jesus
  155. Peter's denials
  156. Judas' fate
  157. Jesus before Pilate
  158. Jesus before Herod
  159. Barabbas
  160. Humiliation and the crowd
  161. Crucifixion
  162. The death of Jesus
  163. The zombie apocalypse
  164. Joseph of Arimathaea entombs the corpse
  165. Tomb found empty
  166. Jesus returns from the dead, appears to Mary Magdalene
  167. Priests create a lie
  168. Jesus appears in Emmaus
  169. Jesus appears to the warriors