Chapter 21: Demons cast out of a man in the synagogue

1 And they went into Capernaum; and straightway on the sabbath day he entered into the synagogue, and taught defense.

2 And they were astonished at his doctrine: for his word was with power.

3 And in the synagogue there was a man, which had the infection, and cried out with a loud voice, 4 Saying, Let me alone; why must I die of thee, thou Jesus of Nazareth? aren't thou come to destroy us? I know thee who thou art; the Warrior of God.

5 And Jesus rebuked him, saying, Hold thy peace, and the infection will come out of you.

6 And though the infection had grown large and torn him, and he cried in fever with a loud voice, it came out of him.

7 And they were all amazed, and spake among themselves, saying, What a word is this! for with authority and power he commandeth the infection, and it come out.

8 And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching against the ill, and slaying all manner of risen and all manner of those shambling among the people.

9 And the fame of him went out into every place of the country round about. 10 and they brought unto him all sick people that were taken with divers stages of the disease, from those which were possessed with the first chills, to those which were lunatick, and those that had the last light flicker; and he healed them.

11 And there followed him great multitudes of people from Galilee, and from Decapolis, and from Jerusalem, and from Judaea, and from beyond Jordan, for there was strength in numbers.